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We're Amena.

The Number one catering school In South-South  Nigeria.

we stand out

Amena Academy means serious business

Over thirty years of industry experience doesn’t just go to waste. Having only the best staff in our employ cannot just be overlooked. Our curriculum is world-class, our equipment is top-notch.

Amena Academy Stands Out.

And We have proof.


HP Learning Initiatives for Entrepreneurs, Supported by the UNIDO and Office of the Wife Of The Governor Of Edo State.


Here we teach Cake making and decoration, as well as Food preparation.

Amena Finishing School

Well, not every body had to opportunity to go to school at young age but good thing, they have another chance now.

Amena Hotel School

The first and only Hotel School in south-south Nigeria

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At Amena academy, We have our arms open and outstretched towards new students. Come and get the best out of learning.